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Press release
Federation of American Scientists (FAS) Announces a New Collaboration with Experts Cristin Dorgelo, Jennifer Pahlka, Kathy Stack and Peter Bonner as Senior Fellows

…government in building federal capacity. Since delivering 100 implementation-ready policy proposals for the 2020 presidential transition, FAS has grown, expanding capabilities as an organization. Since the outset of the current…

10.26.23 | 4 min read
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Ecosystems & Entrepreneurship
What Works in Boston, Won’t Necessarily Work in Birmingham: 4 Pragmatic Principles for Building Commercialization Capacity in Innovation Ecosystems

…in venture development organizations and state public-private partnerships swept the country, some of which (like Ben Franklin Technology Partners and BioSTL) are still with us today, and some of which…

10.24.23 | 12 min read
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Science Policy
Issue Brief
Moving the Nation: The Role of Federal Policy in Promoting Physical Activity

…on physical activity, partnering with other government agencies and departments as well as other organizations, including the Active People, Healthy Nation program and funding initiatives such as the State Physical…

10.19.23 | 7 min read
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Science Policy
day one project
Policy Memo
BioNETWORK: The Internet of Distributed Biomanufacturing

…broad, do not provide actionable steps for the private sector to respond to, and do not provide the proper organization and goals that would drive outcomes of real manufacturing, resulting…

10.10.23 | 10 min read
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Technology & Innovation
AI in Action: Recommendations for AI Policy in Health, Education, and Labor

…the U.S. can lead in advancing ethical, high-impact applications of AI. Education The Federation of American Scientists (FAS) co-leads the Alliance for Learning Innovation (ALI), a coalition of cross-sector organizations…

10.05.23 | 7 min read
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