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Ecosystems & Entrepreneurship
One Ocean, One Blue Economy with Maritime Blue Coalition

…you driving capital? How are you helping corporates work with research facilities, institutions, community partners, and public partners’? They all had these things called ‘Innovation Cluster’ organizations—formally organized clusters, but…

07.26.23 | 12 min read
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Science Policy
day one project
Policy Memo
Coordinating the U.S. Government Approach to the Bioeconomy

…scale of these issues requires a cross-governmental approach that draws on input and engagement with industry, academia, nongovernmental organizations, and other stakeholders across the bioeconomy.  To achieve a durable and…

07.24.23 | 9 min read
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Press release
Federation of American Scientists Announces Food Supply Chain Impact Fellowship to Amplify Food System Policy Priorities

…ambitious opportunities. Interested parties are encouraged to apply at ABOUT FAS The Federation of American Scientists (FAS) works to advance progress on a broad suite of contemporary issues where…

07.24.23 | 2 min read
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Nuclear Weapons
Oppenheimer, FAS, and Today’s Nuclear Weapons Risks

…– especially now. Oppenheimer and FAS Audiences will be interested to learn of Oppenheimer’s connection to the Federation of American Scientists (FAS). His work actually created FAS in 1945. Initially…

07.20.23 | 6 min read
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Nuclear Weapons
Nuclear Notebook: French Nuclear Weapons, 2023

The FAS Nuclear Notebook is one of the most widely sourced reference materials worldwide for reliable information about the status of nuclear weapons and has been published in the Bulletin of…

07.19.23 | 1 min read
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