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  • Volume 3, Issue 3, November 2010
    • Editor's Note
    • Global News: "UN Arms Register: Venezuela was the largest importer of MANPADS in 2009"
    • Global News: "Extradition of ‘Merchant of Death’ could reveal much about the illicit arms trade"
    • Afghanistan: "No evidence of Iranian MANPADS training, claims NATO official"
    • Egypt: "Another massive missile cache discovered in the Sinai"
    • Somalia: "Photos of missile confirms claims in UN report, but questions remain"
    • United States: "FAS obtains key counter-MANPADS report"
  • Volume 3, Issue 2, June 2010
    • Global News: "Survey of black market prices for shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles reveals large differences in missile prices"
    • Afghanistan: "No shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles in seized Afghan arms caches, confirms ISAF spokesperson"
    • Egypt: "Shoulder-fired missiles found in the Sinai were old, “in very bad condition,” says Egyptian official"
    • Iraq: Shoulder-fired missile in video of insurgent attack could be Iranian"
    • Iraq: "Missile seized in 2008 was a 30-year-old Russian Strela-2M MANPADS, documents reveal"
    • Iraq: "At least 27 shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles seized from arms caches in Iraq since February"
    • Lebanon: "Israeli claim about Igla-S delivery to Hezbollah raises many questions"
    • Peru: "U.S. government concerned over reported missile diversion in Peru, but praises investigation"
    • Somalia: "Shoulder-fired missile attack at Mogadishu airport foiled by peace-keepers, according to UN report"
  • Volume 3, Issue 1, February 2010
    • Afghanistan: "No recent discoveries of shoulder-fired, surface-to-air missiles in insurgent arms caches"
    • Eritrea: "UN Slaps Arms Embargoes on Major Missile Proliferator"
    • Iraq: "Fewer public reports of seized shoulder-fired missiles in Iraq, but MANPADS still a threat"
    • Ireland: "Alleged plot to shoot down a police helicopter may have involved surface-to-air missile"
    • Myanmar: "300 shoulder-fired missiles in insurgent arsenal, claims Thai Colonel"
    • North Korea: "North Korean arms shipment included MANPADS, Thai report confirms"
    • Peru: "Igla missiles stolen from Peruvian Military, claims alleged trafficker"
    • Spain: "Failed assassination attempts underscore the risks for terrorists of relying on black market missiles"
    • United States: "Congress to receive DHS report on anti-missile systems for commercial airliners in February"
    • United States: "Documents from trial of the “Prince of Marbella” contain additional information on shoulder-fired missiles"
    • Venezuela: "U.S. receives “assurances” from Russia regarding controls on shoulder-fired missiles sold to Venezuela, but questions remain"
  • Volume 2, Issue 2, October 2009
    • Honduras/Mexico:: "Alleged arms trafficker offered to sell “17 or 18 surface-to-air missiles,” claims US informant"
    • Kenya : "MANPADS threat affects US air travel to Nairobi"
    • Russia: "20 MANPADS seized from militants in North Caucasus region"
    • Sri Lanka: "Terrorist group had access to more than a dozen SA-14s"
    • Venezuela: "Video of new SA-24s posted on Youtube"
    • In-depth: "MANPADS Control and the Obama Administration"
  • For more articles pertaining to Man Portable Air Defense Systems (MANPADS), see ASMP's MANPADS page.

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