Arms Sales Monitor 

Highlighting U.S. Government Policies on arms exports and conventional weapons proliferation.

Our goal with the Arms Sales Monitor newsletter is to:

  • encourage sound policymaking;
  • hold policy-makers accountable;
  • focus media attention on arms export policies; and
  • fuel and empower citizen activism on these issues.

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Index of past issues


Issue No. 48, August 2002: PDF or HTML

Table of Contents

  • Sweeping Military Aid Under the Anti-Terrorism Rug: Security Assistance Post 9-11
  • Blowing the Barn Door Open: Weapons Sales to Latin America
  • The 2002 Foreign Military Training Report: A Mixed Bag
  • Weapons Alert!
    • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
    • Stingers
  • New Name Means BISness as Usual at Commerce
  • Israeli (Ab)use of U.S. Weapons
  • Arms Hawking in Korea
  • New Documents of Note on the Arms Trade

Issue No. 47, January 2002: PDF

Table of Contents

  • And the Walls Come Tumbling Down...Arms Export Policy and Military Aid Post 9-11
  • Fundraising the JSF Way
  • Harpoon Missile Sale to Egypt Launches Debate
  • Your Tax Dollars at Work: Foreign Appropriations FY 2002
  • Other Legislation of Note
    • Small Arms Trafficking Act
    • Security Assistance Act
    • New DoD Anti-Terrorism Training Program
  • Missile-aneous: Tidbits on the Arms Trade
    • Attack Helicopters to Turkey on Course Again
    • WTO Ruling and US Arms Exports
    • Andean Aid Agreed

* Note:  The print version of the "Andean Aid Agreed" article mistakenly states that aid to Colombia has been approved for FY2003.  The article is in fact describing aid approved for FY2002.  This error has since been corrected in the online version. 

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