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LS & T Component Roadmap 2 

Question Generation and Answering Roadmap

chalkboardThis document is a research roadmap for developing technologies that can facilitate question asking and answering in learning environments.

Learning often improves when students are stimulated to ask questions and when there are facilities for receiving relevant, correct, and informative answers. However, there is a need to identify:

(a) the conditions in which question-based learning is effective,
(b) the landscape of questions that learners ask and should ask,
(c) the alternative facilities for having good answers delivered or collaboratively constructed,
(d) the technologies that must be developed to support question-based learning, and
(e) what a “good answer” is for whom and under what circumstances.

A broad range of learning environments must be considered: classrooms, laboratories, electronic textbooks, one-on-one tutoring, collaborative work, helpdesks, and job aids.

New technologies can make learning more productive, compelling, personal and accessible. The big question is how to structure the field of learning and education from the standpoint of question generation and answering. How can we move to the next level?

A plan needs to be developed to integrate technological advances in learning. This roadmap provides such a plan and suggests a research agenda for the next 3, 5, and 10 years.