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LS & T Component Roadmap 1 

Instructional Design Roadmap

digmanThis document presents a research and development plan, or “roadmap,” designed to improve the scientific understanding of how technology-enabled learning systems (TELS) should be designed, with particular emphasis on instructional design.1

Two aspects of technology-enabled learning system design are of particular interest here:

  • the use of simulation(s) in learning and
  • the application of gaming techniques for learning. 

These two topics hold particular promise as viable alternatives to more traditional forms of instruction. However, since neither represents an instructional strategy per se (both can really be considered “backdrops” for learning), the treatment of them in the roadmap is not consolidated in one place. Rather, the vast majority of the questions represented here will have implications for the design of simulation(s) and educational games (for example, the level of fidelity required; the nature of examples provided; the use of challenges).

This approach is necessary to understand the various aspects of simulation and game design in learning, but runs the risk of leading to a set of fragmented conclusions about design.

This roadmap includes a final set of tasks at the conclusion to ensure that guidelines and tools for the design of simulation(s) and games are explicit and integrated.

1 For the purposes of this document, we define TELS broadly to include any system that employs technology as a means to impart instruction or enhance learning.