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Learning Science and Technologies Roadmaps  


The FAS Learning Science and Technologies R&D Roadmaps describe a unifying research agenda to stimulate the development and dissemination of next-generation learning tools.

Working with leading experts from corporations, universities, government, and other organizations, FAS has produced a series of roadmaps to address critical focus areas for learning science and technology.

The five Learning Science and Technology (LS&T) R&D Roadmaps, first published in 2003, identify key research and development needs and detail an R&D chronology and goals for an ambitious research program for advanced technologies for education and training.

For a summary of all the Roadmaps, please click here.

  1. Instructional Design
  2. Question Generation and Answering
  3. Learner Modeling and Assessment
  4. Building Simulations
  5. Integration Tools


Virtual Patient Roadmap

This document presents a research and development plan, or “Roadmap,” designed to improve the integration of learning technologies into simulation-based trainers in medicine. Learn More.

NASA Roadmap

NASA’s eEducation program is developing a commercial quality massively multi-player online game, or MMOG, to provide a cyberspace where students and teachers, engineers and scientists, researchers and designers can immerse themselves in accurate representations of NASA facilities, missions, careers and data. Learn More.