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Multi Casualty Incident Response 

 Multi Casualty Incident Response exploits the motivational experiences of modern game technology in a training game that combines realistic simulations with advanced training technologies to teach teams of firefighters. It demonstrates new technologies to dramatically improve mass casualty incident response training on a national level and serve as a model for other first responder training. The training simulations and instructional materials developed by the project will are available to individual fire training departments throughout the US, and are customizable to meet local training needs.

Features of the game include:

  • Models that can be easily adapted for use in many different incidents reflecting local needs
  • Exercises that require real-time decision-making under stressful conditions
  • Multi-player mode, allowing first responders to practice working together
  • Engaging and challenging scenarios that utilize the appeal and attraction of video games

Encompassing terrorist attacks to environmental disasters, mass casualty incidents (MCI) threaten urban and rural areas. Responders need constant training and should be exposed to many different incidents to prepare them for the broad range of possible events where the public will expect them to perform flawlessly the first time they've confronted such events. Full field training exercises are powerful learning experiences, but the cost and complexity of these exercises severely limits the number that can be undertaken. Multiplayer computer simulations can achieve this in a cost effective way and provide training that has been proven to transfer directly to competence in the field.

MCI responder can be downloaded here. To install unzip the files into a new directory and run (double click) setup.exe.

FAS is not responsible for any problems or data loss caused by this software.

Here is a link to the official MCI Responder page.  This page will be updated from time to time, so it is good to check back:  MCI Responder

Here is a news release describing the original award of the grant for the MCI Responder project:  MCI Release