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Immune Attack 2 

Immune Attack 2 will build upon our wildly successful Immune Attack.  We are creating Immune Attack 2 with the Unity Game Engine which will make a PC and AppleOS compatible downloadable game, as well as a browser based, no download required game.  Immune Attack2.0 will take advantage of new technology, new molecular science and new video game innovations to create an engaging means of explaining molecular science to students and the public.  Players discover the world of molecules and cells, and learn their ways just in time to save the patient. 

Support for Immune Attack 2.0 comes from a competitive grant  to Melanie Stegman from The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID).

           Read the story the NIAID recently wrote about their education programs (including Immune Attack 2.0)  

           Watch Melanie descibe her motivations for conducting this educational research at the
               2009 American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB) Cell Slam event. 

           How will Immune Attack 2.0 teach? What kind of game mechanisms can we expect?
               How does a biochemist make a video game? See it here.


Immune Attack 2 Development Team

Kenneth Coulter, Programmer, Designer
Kenneth Coulter is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biomedical Communications at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, TX.  Ken teaches animation, interactive design and educational gaming.  His beautiful game Orgoquest (still in beta) won the Association of Medical Illustrators Best in Show award at the 2010 annual meeting.

Graham Johnson, Artist
Graham Johnson
is a PhD student in the Molecular Graphics lab at Scripps Research Institute.  Graham's art is not only beautiful, it accurately portrays the details of the molecular and cellular worlds.

Seth Wilson, Play Test Manager
Seth will be conducting all of our play testing.  The students at McKinley Technology High School in Washington, DC will test every aspect of the game for us. 

Melanie Stegman, Scientist, Writer, Producer
Melanie Stegman, Ph.D. is the Director of Learning Technologies.  Her work includes the research, writing and evaluation of Immune Attack 2 as a tool for teaching cellular and molecular biology.  Melanie draws on the Scientific Advisory Group and the Pedegogy Advisory Group for their expertise. 

 If you are a teacher in the DC metro area, we would LOVE to have your students play our latest test version and tell us what they think.   Contact us at learningtech at