Introducing Virtual Worlds and Surveying Candidate Technologies

The goal of the first two-day meeting will be to introduce and demonstrate several candidate VW technologies to the participants, discuss the ways in which the technologies could support scholarly endeavor, refine (and add to) the use case scenarios, and generate a “long list” of humanistic fields, questions, and topics that might be fruitfully addressed through VW-based research. This summit would be held in early January 2008, prior to the start of winter term, to accommodate the schedules of the scholars who are to attend. The information communicated to the humanist participants will focus on the potential of virtual environments for scholarly research, communication, and collaboration.

Following this workshop, the core team will begin to develop functional requirements for the envisioned VW system that can accommodate the forms of inquiry identified in the long list, identify technical obstacles, and select one or several candidate platforms for review by the scholars.

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