Harnessing Virtual Worlds for Arts and Humanities

Scholars and researchers from many disciplines within the humanities are on the verge of a profound change in the way they search for, construct, and present knowledge to colleagues. Virtual Worlds, in addition to an array of other digital tools, will bring about significant changes within the humanities by facilitating multi-institutional, cross-disciplinary research and collaboration as well as providing new ways to recreate and contextualize evidence that heretofore was impossible to study or publish.

At a time when other foundations are investing in Virtual Worlds as a medium for teaching and learning, The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation’s Program in Research in Information Technology has supported a project to investigate the potential Virtual Worlds hold as a legitimate tool to undertake new forms of arts and humanities research. 

As part of this initiative, the Principal Investigators from the Federation of American Scientists and SRI International held an introductory Summit, organized symposia and conducted interviews with leading scholars in the arts and humanities and are now embarking on a process to develop a Collaborative Proposal Submission. 

There is an open call for Letters of Intent to participate in this project. Click here for a full description.

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