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Learning Technologies Program 

The Learning Technologies Program (LTP) studies ways to use technology to improve how people teach and learn.  Well-paid, rewarding jobs in the U.S. depend on a workforce prepared to operate in a fast-paced, technologically sophisticated global economy.  Doing this in an affordable way for a highly diverse population demands new approaches. Since the LTP was founded in 2001, a lot of progress has been made in how educational leaders approach technology in and out of the classroom.  In 2005 when we published our Summit on Educational Games, we were one of the few voices.  In 2010, however, the President and Ms. Obama have spoken in favor of video games as a tool for education and for fitness

So where will the future of learning games take us?  Which new technologes and which new ways to integrate them into classrooms, museums, newspapers, or websites will prove the most effective?  The FAS Learning Technologies Program is focused on games and other technologies that teach advanced abstract concepts, namely, molecular science.  What seems too abstract to teach middle school students can be drawn by artists and game designers.  Proteins and their cohorts can become as familiar as zombies and shotguns.  We are trying to demonstrate that complex relationships among molecules, behaviors of microscopic and nanoscopic objects, and the actions of cells in response to their environments can be taught through the video game format.  Can a non-expert understand the details of how an environmental contamination affects human cells?  We are building that game, and testing it.

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Contact Us:  Learningtech at fas dot org