DOE-5634.1b Preamble: Facility Approvals, Security Surveys,
DOE-5634.1b Attachment 1 - References
DOE-5634.1b Attachment 2 - Definitions
DOE-5634.1b Table of Contents
DOE-5634.1b Chapter I - Responsibilities and Authorities
DOE-5634.1b Chapter II - Facility Importance Ratings, Appro
DOE-5634.1b Attachment II-1 - Facility Data and Approval re
DOE-5634.1b Chapter III - General Survey Requirements
DOE-5634.1b Attachment III-1 - Safeguards and Security Surv
DOE-5634.1b Chapter IV - Security Surveys
DOE-5634.1b Attachment IV-1 - Geographic Responsibilities F
DOE-5634.1b Chapter V - Nuclear Materials Surveys
DOE-5634.1b Chapter VI - Survey Ratings and Follow-up Actio