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Fm 8-9 Part III/List of Figures

List of Figures

Figure 3-I. Formation of Reactive Sulphur Mustard and Interaction with Guanine in DNA

Figure 3-II. Formulation of Cyclic Compound From Lewisite

Figure 3-III. Formulae for Lewisite Antidotes

Figure A-I. Hydrolysis of Acetylcholine

Figure A-II. Overall Reaction Occurring During Hydrolysis of Acetylcholine

Figure A-III. GB and AChE Reactions

Figure B-I. Formula of Pralidoxime

Figure B-II. Formula of Obidoxime

Figure B-III. Formula of Hagedorn Oximes

Figure B-IV. Reactivation of GB Inhibited Enzyme by Pralidoxime