Program Manager for Chemical Demilitarization
Non-Stockpile Chemical Materiel Program
Draft Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement
October 1999

Table of Contents

Volume I:

Executive Summary

Section 1
Purpose of and Need for the Action
Section 2
Transportable Treatment Systems and Support Facilities and Equipment
Section 3
Section 4
Affected Environment
Section 5
Environmental Consequences of Normal Treatment System Operation
Section 6
Environmental Consequences of Accidentally Releasing Hazardous Substances
Section 7
Environmental Consequences of the No-Action Alternative
Section 8
List of Preparers and Reviewers

Distribution List




Volume II:

Appendix A
Public Comments and Responses (Reserved) - A-1
Appendix B
Non-Stockpile Chemical Warfare Materiel Considered in the Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement - B-1
Appendix C
Transportable Treatment Systems - C-1
Appendix D
Summary of Accident Risk Assessment - D-1
Appendix E
Human Toxicity of Non-Stockpile Chemicals
Appendix F
Environmental Fate of Non-Stockpile Chemicals and Neutralent Waste
Appendix G
Other Treatment Technologies and Systems
Appendix H
Chemical Weapons Convention