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National Military Command System [NMCS]

The National Military Command System [NMCS] is the priority component of WWMCCS that supports the NCA and the Joint Chiefs of Staff in exercising their military command responsibilities, including planning and executing joint operations. It includes the National Military Command Center (NMCC), the Alternate National Military Command Center, the National Emergency Airborne Command Post, and other command centers designated by the Secretary of Defense. It also includes the communications connecting those command centers with the headquarters of the combatant commanders, Services, and other commands and agencies that support joint operation planning via the WWMCCS. The NMCS also provides coordination with activities outside the Department of Defense (e.g., the White House Situation Room and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Operations Center) that have operation planning and execution functions. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is responsible to the Secretary of Defense for operating the NMCS to meet the needs of the NCA.

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