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Direction Control and Warning Communications System (DCWCS)

FEMA Contract EMW-83-C-1107, dated 29 September 1983 awarding $83,290,533 (plus a $241,977 modification) to the Harris Corporation of Melbourne, Florida for the design and installation of the Direction Control and Warning Communications System (DCWCS). Total system cost was estimated at approximately $500 million. The design of DCWCS provides FEMA a wide range of communications services with the necessary interfacing communications and warning equipment to support operational requirements of the Alternate FEMA National Headquarters, FEMA Regional Facilities (FRFs), and Emergency Operations Centers (EOCs) of the States and Territories. The telecommunications equipment for the FMEs [FEMA Mobile Elements] shall be installed in TEMPEST and EMP protected shelters and transported in a manner that will provide service to the users within twenty four (24) hours after arrival at an FRF sites. Products to be delivered include: 22 FEMA Mobile Elements (FME); Meteor Burst Radio Systems and Terminals (MB MST) - including 5,000 MB warning receivers; 250 High Frequency Radio Systems and Terminals; 5,000 Low Frequency Radio System and Terminals; Multi-Radio Communications Subsystems (MRC); 30 Satellite Communications Systems (SATCOM); Secondary and Tertiary power systems; 22 Parkhill Secure Voice Terminals (TSEC/KY-75); EMP Hardening Plan and Report; Line of Sight (LOS) radio equipment; 52 State SATCOM terminals; and test equipment, training and related support.

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