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Combat Ciders

The Combat Ciders system [an AUTOVON segment also knonwn as "Wideband"} is a full-duplex FDM multi-channel Air Force One communications link, via nuclear hardened antenna's at many of the Autovon switching centers. The system also connects via relay aircraft and the various emergency command post aircraft, such as Lookinglass. The system has provisions for secure voice, teletype and FAX, as well as fully automatic AUTOVON voice trunks with standard AUTOVON signalling and control. Trunks are located on 12, 16, 20 and 24 kHz SSB channels, 0-4 kHz is used for an order wire to ground station. The system uses various frequencies in the 225-400 mhz military UHF band, 390.55 and 392.55 have been used as transmit from Air Force One in past. EIRP is (or was) very high, one published description of system said it was 1 Kw to counter absorption effects near nuclear fireballs.

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