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B-2 bombers resume flying operations

Released: 11 Aug 1998

WHITEMAN AIR FORCE BASE, Mo. (AFNS) -- B-2 bombers resumed normal flying operations Aug. 10 after a temporary suspension of peacetime training missions.

The suspension in flying was imposed Aug. 6, after a potential problem with ejection seat initiators was discovered by their manufacturer, O.E.A. Aerospace. Initiators control the aircrew ejection system's operation. Four B-2s were cleared to resume flying operations early Aug. 8.

"This was strictly a precautionary measure," said Brig. Gen. Leroy Barnidge Jr., 509th Bomb Wing commander. "There is never a reason to needlessly subject any of our aircrew members to increased risk. Suspending our peacetime flying training operations was a prudent thing to do."


* B-2 Spirit
* Brig. Gen. Leroy Barnidge Jr.
* Whiteman Air Force Base, Mo.