Atomic Weapons Establishment Act 1991 (c 46) 

Here you can browse a summary (the Long Title and Arrangement of Sections) and publishing details for the Atomic Weapons Establishment Act 1991 (c 46).

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Atomic Weapons Establishment Act 1991 (c 46) 
The Act is introduced by the Long Title which states:
"An Act to make provision in connection with any arrangements that may be made by the Secretary of State with respect to the undertaking carried on by him and known as the Atomic Weapons Establishment."

The Arrangement of Sections shows the contents of the Act.

Arrangement of Sections

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1. Arrangements for the carrying on of certain activities.
2. Provisions applying to the transfer of certain employees.
3. Privileges and immunities: application of certain enactments.
4. Jurisdiction of Ministry of Defence Police.
5. Expenses of Secretary of State.
6. Short title, commencement and extent.


Schedule - Application of certain enactments.