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Submarine Flotilla

Since 1901, when the Royal Navy's first submarine, Holland 1, slipped into the water at Barrow-in-Furness, the UK has continued to invest in a sub-surface warfighting capability. The Royal Navy deploys two types of submarine: the Submarine Ballistic Nuclear (SSBN) and the Submarine Nuclear (SSN). Today, the sixteen Royal Naval nuclear submarines represent the most technologically sophisticated ships in the world. There are 3,250 people in the Submarine Service, almost one tenth of the whole Navy, and, of these, 78.5% are on sea service.

Under the July 1998 Strategic Defence Review the Submarine Flotilla, consisting of the 1st Submarine Squadron, will continue modernisation of the nuclear-powered attack submarine force but reduce strength from 12 to ten in the longer term. All ten attack submarines will, however, be equipped to fire Tomahawk land attack missiles to increase their utility in force projection operations (this compares with previous plans to fit only seven submarines for the Tomahawk system).

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