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Institute of Nuclear Energy Research (INER)

The Institute of Nuclear Energy Research (INER) is located at Lungtan of Taoyuan, 43 kilometres to the southwest of Taipei and only four kilometres from Shihmen (Stone Gate) Reservoir. The Institute was established in 1968, with primary responsiblity for nuclear weapons development, and placed under the jurisdiction of the Atomic Energy Council in 1988.

With the apparent end of Taiwan's nuclear weapons ambitions, INER's current primary missions are to advance nuclear technologies, assure nuclear safety and promote the well-being of the people in Taiwan. R&D programs in INER include isotope applications, radiation safety, radioactive waste management, nuclear safety, and other nuclear related technologies. These programs are carried out by a team of professionals and technicians of more than one thousand. As a major supplier of radioisotopes in the country, the Institute has made possible extended applications of nuclear energy in medical, agricultural and industrials fields.

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