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5745'N 4055'E

The SS-17 was deployed at Kostroma and Vypolzovo [Yedrovo] prior to being withdrawn from service following the end of the Cold War.

Deployment of the railroad-based SS-24 Mod-1 (15Zh61) started on 28 November 1989, and the first regiment with railroad-based missiles was put on alert on 20 October 1987. Altogether 36 railway-based RT-23UTTh missiles were in three garrison areas: 12 launchers at Kostroma (400 km east of Moscow), 9 launchers at Bershet (1,250 km east of Moscow), and 12 launchers at Krasnoyarsk in Siberia. The Military Railroad Missile Complex (Boyevoy Zheleznyy Raketnyy Kompleks BZhRK) consists of three launch cars [each with a single missile], a command and control car, cars for personnel, and several diesel locomotives. By 1994 most of the rail-mobile systems remained in garrison due to lack of funding.


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