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Supreme High Command

The Supreme High Command is responsible for the preparation and conduct of military campaigns and strategic operations. It also resolves issues regarding the overall wartime situation of the State and the allocation of strategic resources. The Supreme High Command allocates forces to theaters and establishes general plans for the conduct of strategic operations in the theaters. The headquarters (stavka) of the Supreme High Command (Verkhovnoe glavnokomandovanie--VGK) of the armed forces controls military operations through the General Staff and subordinate commands.

In addition to the Supreme Commander in Chief (CINC), the primary strategic headquarters includes the Minister of Defense, the Chief of the General Staff, and the CINCs of the five services of the armed forces. The head of state is the Supreme CINC of the armed forces. He represents the unity of political and military leadership, and he alone has the authority to make final decisions about the use of the armed forces. The Supreme CINC relies heavily on his deputies to command the armed forces. The Minister of Defense is responsible for the day-to-day administration of the armed forces. He is also responsible for the readiness and overall development of the five services. The Chief of the General Staff has direct control over the five services of the armed forces, and through him, directives are issued to implement strategic plans. The CINC of each service has his own staff and is responsible for the administration, management, and training of his respective forces.

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