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Homefront Command

Based on the the experience of the Gulf War when Israel's cities were hit by Iraqi Scud missles, the IDF is focusing its attention on protecting the civilian population from the threat of missiles and the possibility of a non-conventional war. The IDF is currently recognizing and strengthening the civil defense under the Homefront Command to coordinate IDF and civilian emergency services in time of war. It is also modifying its doctrine to minimize the danger of a possible non-conventional attack.

The IDF's Homefront [or Rear] Command was founded in 1992, replacing the Civil Guard which was formed after the 1973 war. The Civil Guard proved incapable of coping with the demands posed by the Iraqi `Scud' attacks of 1991. The new Homefront Command has more specialized manpower and wider powers.

The Doctrine for the Protection of the Civilian Population in Israel, as formulated by the Ministry of Defense, is based on the concept of the Protected Space. The Protected Space is a handy, easy-to-reach, space capable of providing those staying in it, with protection against both Conventional and Non-conventional Weapons for several hours. Since 1992, every new building or addition to existing building, has, by law, been equipped by an Apartment Protected Space (APS) or a Floor Protected Space (FPS). It must be built according to engineering specifications given in the Regulations. The ventilation and filtering system (also known as collective protection) provides a solution for the staying of several people in a sealed space for an unlimited time, without the need of donning gas masks.

Protective kits have been distributed to residents of Israel. These kits are adapted to the age of the residents. The Homefront Command periodically invites the public to refresh and replenish the kits, and adapts them to the specific needs of each individual.

High school students will be recruited at time of emergency to aid IDF Homefront Command and rescue forces. The students will assist in the distribution of medicine, help the civilian population and their fellow classmates who will be in shelters, and will also assist in hospitals.

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