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3333'16"N 4417'46"E

The Taji Single Cell Protein Plant, located 10 km NW of Baghdad, was converted for the production of hundreds of liters of Botulinum toxin in the late 1980s. The Taji BW Production Plant and dedicated spore drier were assessed to be capable of producing approximately one kilogram of dried spores per day. [GulfLINK]

The biological weapons agent pilot production plant at Taji was located in the northwestern suburbs of Baghdad. This facility contained a fermentation plant that has the capability for pilot scale production of BW agents. Iraq installed a 450 liter fermenter with a dedicated bacterial spore drier at the facility in 1987. An April 1989 TSMID request for purchase of lubricant for the spore drier and recent attempts to acquire spare parts for the fermenter through TSMID indicated that the fermenter was operational. The fermenter and drier were likely dedicated to the production of dry anthrax spores. The location of this facility at a military site would afford the Iraqis the necessary security for agent production. [GulfLINK]

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