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Nassr State Establishment
3325'N? 4423'E?

One of the main beneficiaries of Iraq's procurement networks was the Nassr State Enterprise for Mechanical Industries with headquarters in Baghdad, a sprawling industrial complex southwest of Baghdad, and a facility located 10 km North of Baghdad. Various Nassr factories were used to produce components and to produce conventional weapons such as cannon barrels and aerial bombs. Nassr was also a primary location for the production of components for Gerald Bull's 1,000-millimeter super gun often referred to as the Babylon Project. Nassr also provided critical assistance to Iraq's nuclear and missile programs.

The Nassr State Establishment facility located 10 km North of Baghdad, is a large machine tool and metal working facility that was the initial location of the SCUD modification and range extension program. The site continued to manufacture components for both the air frame and indigenous SCUD engine programs. Nassr was probably the most important facility for production of modified Scud missiles and also played a key role in the development of other Iraqi ballistic missile programs, including the Condor II. UNSCOM teams destroyed speciality dies at this site.

According to Iraq, all CW agent production plants were located at the Muthanna State Establishment (MSE). Iraq declared that all CW agents were produced only at MSE. The special mechanical workshop for the production of two types of special munitions (250 and 500 gauge aerial bombs) was also located at MSE. Other types of indigenously produced special munitions were manufactured by general purpose establishments, Nasser State Establishment (R-400 aerial bombs), State Establishment for Mechanical Industries (DB-2 aerial bombs) and Project 144/2 at Taji (special missile warheads and warheads for 122-mm rockets).

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