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Fallujah III / Habbaniyah III
3328'N 4347'E

Habbaniyah consists of three identical facilities. Fallujah III, located 70 km WNW of Baghdad, was in the late stages of construction at the time of the Gulf War. The facility, intended to support the Muthanna site, contained multi-purpose production plants. These production areas were all destroyed by bombing in 1991. The intended products of this site remain unclear, but may be connected with the VX program.

In 1994 Iraq presented to UNSCOM its intentions concerning the reuse of dual-use chemical production equipment in civilian projects, such as the production of phenol and aniline. The Iraqi Ministry of Chemical Industry intended to make use of the infrastructure of the former chemical weapons-related areas at Fallujahs 1, 2 and 3 by establishing a chemical centre for the production of general chemicals and fine chemicals. Production would be at a rate of several hundred to some thousand tonnes per year. A very preliminary evaluation by UNSCOME of this intended use of the equipment was that it seemed reasonable. UNSCOM had the possibility to trace the whereabouts of the production equipment. [S/1994/750]

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