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El-Nasr Pharmaceuticals Chemicals Co. (EI Nasr)
Al-Nasr Company for Medicinals and Antibiotics
3015'00"N 3121'00"E

Abu Zaabal, Al Qalyubiyah
28, Talaat Harb St, Cairo P.O. Box 491
TEL : (202) 4620137 4620679 4698887 FAX : 4698977
TELEX : 92900 ADWIC UN / 23633 ADWIC UN

The El-Nasr Pharmaceutical Chemicals Co. produces pharmaceutical chemicals preparations, veterinary products, and infusion solutions. EI Nasr is engaged in the manufacturing & trading of pharmaceutical specialities, I.V. solutions, veterinary specialities, haemodialysis concentrates, kidney dialysers, bloodlines and fistula needles. It produces bulk chemicals, laboratory chemicals, diagnostics and industrial enzymes, an exports its products to some Arab, African, European and Asian countries.

El-Nasr is one of eleven pharmaceutical manufacturing companies affiliated to the Holding Company for Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals. The Holding Company for Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals and Medical Appliances is an Egyptian stock holding company established according to article two of Law 203 for the year 1991. The Company, through its affiliated companies is allocating its investments and capital in manufacturing, importing, exporting, distribution and trade of pharmaceuticals, chemicals, medical appliances and equipments. The Holding Company owns investments along side with the activities of its affiliated companies are considered a pivot element in the Egyptian national economy.

Egyptian chemical weapons manufacturing plants are reported to include the Al-Nasr Company for Medicinals and Antibiotics [which is almost certainly the same entity as the El-Nasr Pharmaceutical Chemicals Co.]. There are also indications of the manufacture of biological weapons in Egypt. Most of them are said to be produced in the “ Al-Nasr” plant located in Abu-Za’bal.

The pharmaceutical industry has been one of the most competitive and profitable sectors of Egyptian manufacturing. A major asset to this industry is the large pool of highly trained doctors, pharmacists, engineers and skilled technicians whose long experience in the sector has given Egyptian pharmaceutical products a distinguished reputation in the entire region. Making an early debut in the 1940s, there were 50 relatively small national producers of drugs by the 1950s, with a ten percent share of the local market which was mostly supplied from abroad by leading multinationals. The local industry was nationalized in the 1960s, with a major process of mergers, while three foreign firms were attracted into joint venture operations - Hoechst, Pfizer and Swiss Pharma. By 1970, eleven local producers contributed 90 percent of the domestic market. With the Open Door policy, the market was opened up to foreign and domestic new-comers and by 1996, the industry numbered 9 multinationals, 8 private and 11 public sector companies with employment of about 60 thousand. The share of the public firms has declined from 80 percent in the mid 1980s to a current 40 percent of domestic production.

Al Qalyubiyah [Kaliobia / Kalioub / Kalioubieh / Kaloubiyah / Kalyobiya / Kalyoubia / Kalyubia] governate north of Cairo is a center of the Egyptian chemical industry, with over 330 chemical establishments.

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