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It is reported that among the plants for the manufacture of chemical weapons is a facility at Abu-Ghawwash, which is said to be a plant for filling sprayers.

Due to the notorious inconsistency of Arabic transliteration, it is not immediately possible to associated this reported placename with a standard placename and location in the NIMA GeoNet NameServer. Most of the obvious permutations yield no results, with the closest apparent matches being the Dayr al Khawashin depression at 3019'00"N 2724'00"E, the town of Abu Kharash at 3103'34"N 3035'19"E, or the Abu Qarahish wadi at 2514'00"N 3423'00"E. [And of these four placename words, only Kharash occurs in the FAST search engine, though with no proximate associations]

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