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Delingha / Terlingkha - 414 Brigade
3719'N 9713'E

The nuclear missile site at Delingha [Terlingkha] in Tibet is located about 200 km southeast of Larger Tsaidam (a reported location at 3606'N 9712'E would appear incorrect). It is the missile regimental headquarters for Qinghai [Amdo], and houses DF-4s with four associated launch sites. The organisation of the sites is said to consist of missiles stored horizontally in tunnels near the launch pad, with fuel and oxidiser is stored in separate tunnels with lines to the launch pad. Delingha is one of five location at which a total of between 10 and 20 DF-4s were deployed as of early 1998.

The facility is headquarters for one of the three launch brigades, each with up to three launch battalions, subordinated to the Second Artillery Corps 80306 Unit, a Division headquartered in Xining, Qinghai province. The 80306 Unit is able to target sites in the former Soviet Union and India, and indications exist that the 80306 Unit may upgrade to the DF-21.

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