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Taiyuan Heavy Machinery Corporation

Taiyuan Heavy Machinery (Group) Corporation Limited has supplied more than 500 kinds and 5,000 sets of large equipment for national key projects in fields such as metallurgical, mining, hydraulic & power, transportation and space industries. Taiyuan Heavy Machinery Group is comprised of 20 enterprises,with the core enterprise group in Shanxi province. It occupies 4.67 [KM2] in area with 20969 staffs and workers including 2744 technician and 3611 management personnel.The Group has fixed assets of 790810 thousand yuan in original value and one year's sales amount of industry production over ten hundred million.

The corporation manufactured 5 sets of launch frames for Jiuquan satellite launch center, Taiyuan satellite launch center and Xichang satellite launch center, and reformed two sets of launch frames for the Jiuquan satellite launch center. TaiYuan Heavy Machinery Import & Export Corporation [THMC] is a state-own foreign trade enterprise which was established in 1986.

PARTIAL MEMBERS Of Taiyuan Heavy Machinery Group:

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