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Bureau of Geology

Qiqu, Hepingli, 
Dongcheng Dist, Beijing 
P.O.Box 762 Beijing 
Post Code 100013 
Tel (010)64201122 
Fax (010)64201122 Ext.286 
Cable 4839 Beijing 

Bureau of Geology of the China National Nuclear Corporation [CNNC] was established in 1955 as the national administration in charge of exploration of uranium geology. It has jurisdiction over 94 enterprises and institutions, including 6 regional bureaux of East China, Centralsouth China, Northwest China, Northeast China, South China and Southwest China with a total of 40 000 odd employees. Over the last 40 years, the Bureau has developed into an industrial integrated system with multiple trades. A large amount of uranium deposits being explored, the Bureau has discovered other mineral resources such as gold, silver, copper, germanium, molybdenum, potash salt, etc., enlarging the technical services associated with resources exploration and environmental evaluation, engineering geology, oil exploration. It has undertaken the exploration and construction of a number of key projects of the State, involving Qinshan NPP, Beijing™≤Kowloon Railway and urban reconstruction. In 1994, the total working volume in currency reached 1.2 billion yuan RMB and it possessed funds up to 1 billion yuan RMB.™§

Main Activities include geological prospecting for mineral resources, implementation and technical service of geological projects for public interests and basic work, general contract or JV contract and construction of large and medium engineering projects, development and manufacture of civilian products, exploration for gold and other mineral resources, international co-operation in geological survey and other co™≤operation in economy, trade and technology.™§

Products include hundreds of items in ten categories covering products of machinery, man-made diamond and its products, instrumentation, light industry, chemical industry, building materials, mineral products and medicine. In addition to activated carbon, latex gloves, stock vice, extruder, level gauge, fire-proof rolling screen, rubber roller, copper-lead bimetal bushing materials, agitators, injection molds and filtrator, the man-made diamond monocrystal and its products have a booming market both at home and abroad; the gibberellin used for agriculture was taken as a reference sample assigned by the State; and more than ten kinds of products including nave boring machine, vacuum boiler, series electronic units for water treatment, telescopic antenna are granted national patents, or won gold medals at international fair, or provincial or ministerial awards.

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