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China Jiangnan Space Industry Company Group
061 Base

The China Jiangnan Space Industry Company Group has some 35 subordinate units including 23 specialized factories engaged in the development and production of systems associated with surface-to-air missiles, military space systems, satellite ground receiving stations and receivers. Headquartered in Guizhou, the Group has a total of some 30,000 personnel in Zunyi and Kaishan, Guizhou Province, of whom at least 6,400 are estimated to be involved in missile and space production. The staff includes 9,500 engineers and technicians who occupy some 900,000 square meters of facilities.

The group has developed more than 300 civilian products, of which over 80 are in production. Products include electron colliders, heavy ion cyclotrons, synchronous radiation accelerators, stainless steel castings and forging for nuclear engineering, and test instruments for oil production. The Group also produces the Hangtian light truck and its convertibles, the Forward brand refrigerator, metal drawing equipment, hydraulic transmission and various batteries, motors, connector relays, and rubber articles.

Subordinate Entities

  1. 38th Research Institute
  2. 303rd Research Institute
  3. 302nd Research Institute (General Institute of Military Products)
  4. Guizhou Aerospace Institute
  5. Jiangnan Electromechanical Design/Research Institute
  6. Jiangnan Space Technology Center

  7. Guizhou Aerospace Staff University
  8. Zunyi Aerospace Polytechnic School
  9. Zunyi Aerospace Middle School

  10. Chaohui Electromechanical Factory
  11. Guizhou Gaoyuan Machinery Factory. SAM launchers
  12. Honggang Electromechanical Factory
  13. Meiling Chemical Works [Guizhou - batteries]
  14. Nanfeng Factory
  15. Qunjian Machinery Factory
  16. Xinfeng Instrument Manufacturing Corporation. Tracking and control systems.

  17. Jiangnan Industry Trade Company

  18. Changxin Machine Plant
  19. Fenghua/Forward Machinery Plant
  20. Gaoyuan Machine Plant
  21. Guizhou Huahang Automotive Manufacturing Company Limited
  22. Hongguang Machine Works
  23. Hongjiang Machine Fittings Factory
  24. Jianggangshan Instrument Factory
  25. Linquan Motor Factory
  26. Nanfeng Motor Refitting Factory
  27. Nanhai Electromechanics Factory
  28. Qunli Forging & Casting works
  29. Qunying Foundry
  30. Tianning Radio Factory
  31. Wujiang Machinery Factory
  32. Zhaohui Electrical Appliance Plant
  33. Zhaoyang Electrical Appliances Plant

The Fenghua/Forward Machinery Factory (FMF) is a state-owned enterprise under China Aerospace Industry Corporation. Set up in September 1965, it covers an area of 580,000m2. The total assets amount to RMB 470 million yuan. Being engaged in defence industry over the years, FMF has a capacity for design and manufacture of mechanical & electric products, with advanced equipment and installation, such as high-efficiency CAD&CAM system, numerical-control processing center, and electrical equipment processing line. Technologies include machining, nonferrous metals casting, welding, sheet-metal working, stamping, riveting, heat & surface treatments, non-metal processing, spraying, plastics injection and plastics sucking. In 1997 FMF cooperated with Qingdao Haier Group and established Guizhou Haier Electric Appliance Co.Ltd. In 1998 FMF employed the surplus assets and talent advantage to build up Fenghua Industrial Estate,

Jinggangshan Instrument Factory is a large-scaled stated-owned enterprise. Established in 1965, the factory covers an area of 480,000sqm, owns fixed-assets at RMB 120,000,000 yuan, possesses more than 700 sets precise mechanical facilities, and over 250 sets of testing & experiment apparatus. It has 1400 employees, among them nearly 300 are with middle and senior technical titles. Since it was established and put into operation, the factory has developed and produced thousands of military products, and more than 80 kinds of civil products. The factory is engaged in developing and manufacturing autocontrol system, inertial measurement units, inertial devices, servo mechanism, oil-well measurement instruments, and automobile components. It boasts many specialties such as autocontrol, instrumentation, electronics, sensors & transducers, precision machining and computer application.

Tianning Radio factory, established in the early 1970s, is a first rate electromechanical system enterprise. It covers 385,000 square meters and its buildings covers 30,000 square meters and its files assets is 29.25 million yuan. It has over 800 workers and staff members. The factory was built to produce space communication, remote measurement, remote control, and containing and testing equipment. For long time, in order to guarantee the quality reliability of space war production, it constantly invested in production equipment, testing equipment and other production equipment. The factory possesses over 800 finish cut and pressure equipment, and 800 various testing instruments, which can conduct high finish cut, electronic joint installation, electronic testing, chemical sealing, welding technology, plating work, stamping, plastic ram pressure, surface treatment, and heat treatment. It also has the ability to design and produce instruments and patterns. It has instruments for physical and chemical experiment, product performance and element testing, including various metal cut, pressing, power equipment, and measuring instruments. Since it turned war production into commercial production in 1978, the factory's products related to the fields of oil, medical care, machinery, post communication and household goods.

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