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China Academy of Space Electronics Technology CASET
9th Academy

The China Academy of Space Electronics Technology (CASET) is headquartered in Beijing’s Haidian district (8 Fucheng Road) with sites in Nanyuan and near Xian. It was established in 1993 for the development of specialized computers, integrated circuits, and other microelectronic devices in support of CASC projects.

This unified economic entity combines technology with manufacturing and trading, with its major business activities in scientific research, development, manufacturing, marketing and postsale service of space electronic components and devices, modules, and microcomputers. Technical service to the national economy have included various products used in aviation, ship, automobile, railroad, machine-tools, instrumentation, telecommunication, navigation, chemical engineering, petroleum, electric power, light industry, medical treatment, atomic energy, and home appliances.

Subordinate Entities

CASET employs more than 10,000 persons in nine institutes, 10 manufacturing plants and five technical centers.

Sources and Resources

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