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China Aerospace Machinery and Electronics Corporation (CAMEC)

The China Aerospace Machinery and Electronics Corporation (CAMEC) evolved from the former China Aerospace Corporation and encompasses many of the latter's organizations. With the approval of the State Council, on 01 July 1999, in an effort to become more competitive the Chinese government reformed the top ten Defense and Technology Corporations. These corporations, including the former China Aerospace Corporation, are all large State Owned Enterprises(SOE's) under direct supervision of the State Council. The former China Aerospace Corporation, with some 270,000 employees, was divided into the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) with about 110,000 employees, and the China Aerospace Machinery and Electronics Corporation (CAMEC), presumably with about 150,000 employees. The S&T Corporation has adopted CALT, the Fourth Academy, CAST, 062 Base, and 067 Base. The Electro-mechanical Corporation has integrated the Second and Third Academies and the remaining bases.

CAMEC has registered capital of RMB 74 billion(US$8,915 million). CAMAC's business scope includes all kinds of missile and weapon systems, and other aerospace products. In addition, CAMEC also supplies many kinds of civilian products such as machinery, electronics, chemicals, communication, computer products. CAMEC has developed several dozen models of missiles including strategic, tactical, ground-to-ground, ground-to-sea and ground-to-air missiles. It has made some breakthroughs in missile manufacturing technology in accelerating the development and manufacturing of a new generation of missiles.

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