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Bohai Shipyard
Huludao, China

The Liaoning Shipbuilding Group, formed in late 1997, includes Bohai Shipyard, Dalian Shipyard and Dalian New Shipyard. In April 1997 the State Planning Commission approved the construction of a shipbuilding facility for vessels of 100,000-dwt at the Bohai Shipyard. At a cost almost $24 million, when completed at the end of 1998 it will be able to build 2.5 ships annually. In early 1998 Bohai Shipyard announced that it had cut 500 employees, about 10 percent of its personnel.

In June 1997 Sembawang Corp. [SembCorp] and Jurong Shipyard Ltd. (JSL) merged, creating one of the world’s largest ship repair groups. SembCorp’s ship repair and conversion assets include Sembawang Shipyard in Singapore, as well as a 50 percent stake in Bohai Shipyard in Tianjin, China, and a 65 percent stake in PT Karimun Shipyard.

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