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Beijing Institute of Nuclear Engineering (BINE)
Second Engineering Institute of Nuclear Industry

1 Mashenmiao, 
Haidian District, Beijing 
P.O.Box 840 Beijing
Post Code  100840 
Tel (010)68415086
Fax (010)68418086 
Telex 222644 BINE CN
Cable 8267 Beijing

Founded in 1958, Beijing Institute of Nuclear Engineering (BINE), is also known as the Second Engineering Institute of Nuclear Industry.

BINE is a large-scale comprehensive engineering research and design institute in China nuclear industry system, eligible for general project contracting, and it is authorized to conclude direct contracts with foreign enterprises. The facility is engaged in work relating to peaceful uses of nuclear energy, including theoretical nuclear physics, low-energy physics, cosmic rays, radio isotopes, and so on. The employees total over 1,800, of them nearly 1,600 are engineering and technical personnel including 621 senior engineers (119 professors and over 500 associate professors).

BINE is located about 8 miles north-northwest of the center of the city in the university district of Haidian. Here a variety of technology startup companies have grown up on the periphery of Beijing University. With approval of the State Council, established in May 1988, Beijing Experimental Zone for the development of New Technology Industries (BEZ) was the first state level High-tech industry park in China. BEZ covers an area of 100 Km2 with the most concentrated science & technology talents, which includes five areas, i.e., Haidian Experimental Zone (HEZ), Fengtai S&T Park, Changping S&T Park, and Electronic Town S&T Park, as well as Yizhuang S&T Park. The Haidian Experimental Zone is located in Haidian district, centered on the Zhongguancun "science town" with an area of 1.8 Km2. Zhong-Guan-Cun Science City is China's "Silicon Valley" for high-technology development Zhong-Guan-Cun Science City is the most important base of scientific research and technological development of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

It has branches in Shenzhen, Beidaihe, Hainan and Wenzhou which are specialized in 60 sectors related to reactor physics, thermal engineering, radiation protection, chemical engineering, radioactive wastes management, machinery, automaticª²control instruments, geological prospecting, general layout drawing, financial estimate and budget, water supply and discharge, heating and ventilation, electric engineering, communication, building structure, environmental assessment, mechanics, etc.

In recent years, BINE has dedicated itself to nuclear power construction. It participated in the design of Qinshan NPP and contracted the overall engineering design and technical services for Qinshan Second Phase Project. Some 100 engineering and technical personnel were involved in engineering control and technical follow-up support for Daya Bay NPP. Entrusted by the State Environmental Protection Administration and National Nuclear Safety Administration, it carried out the environmental impact evaluation and nuclear safety assessment for nuclear installations at different stages. BINE finished the design of intermediate pilot plant for power reactor fuel reprocessing, and the engineering design of nuclear facilities for Nanjing Radiation Centre and Changshu Radiation Station.

BINE together with other institutes is fulfilling the research and design for nuclear heating fast neutron reactors. In addition, it is poised for design in nuclear heating, isotope application, brewery and beverage factory; project contracting and supervision in thermal power, pharmaceutical production, city garbage disposal, sewage disposal, civilian building; design, production and sales for various pressure vessels and non-standard equipment; providing technical services in survey, consultation, design and supervision for foreign or domestic foreign-funded projects. BINE also deals with export business of related equipment and materials, and contract workers as well.

BINE has successively set up BINE New-Tech Co., BINE In-line Monitoring Co., BINE Air Cleaning Technology Co., BINE Water Supply & Sewage New Technology Co., BINE Institute of Automatic Control Technology, and BINE Environment System Technology Co.

BINE has conducted extensive technical exchanges and co-operation with over 30 countries and regions worldwide, including Japan, the United States, France and Italy. It has completed over 20 projects of foreign engineering designs and technical services, including the experimental reactor in Algeria, technical transformation of power plant in Pakistan, Sydney Tourism Zone in Australia, Sino-Japanese Friendship Hospital, Sino-Japanese Youth Exchange Centre and Shenzhen Radiation Centre.

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