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State Council

The State Council is the highest organ of state administration. It is composed of the Premier, Vice-Premiers, State Councilor, Ministers in charge of ministries and commission, the Auditor-General, and the Secretary-General. Except the Premier who is nominated by the President, Vice-Premiers and State Councilor are nominated by the Premier. They are all appointed by the President upon the approval of the National People's Congress. The State Council reports directly to the NPC.

Subordinate units of the State Council in 1978 included:

Subordinate units of the State Council in April 1993 included:

The central task of the 1998 restructuring of the State Council was to separate the functions of the government from those of enterprises. In the future, the State Council will no longer exercise direct management over enterprises. These major reforms in the functioning of the State Council were announced by Luo Gan, state councilor and secretary general of the State Council in a speech on the Plan for Institutional Restructuring of the State Council delivered at the First Session of the Ninth National People's Congress on 6 March 1998. Owing to the special nature of the defense industrial system [consisting of the Ministries responsible for ordnance, shipping, aeronautics, astronautics, and nuclear industry], these agencies will function under the Defense Industrial Committee (General Office) under the State Council. Within the professional of staff of these five major military industrial Ministries, five industrial bureaus will be set up. Where their responsibilities are concerned, various bureaus would break away from their original companies and their staff would be treated as public servants. The bureaus would each have a standard staff of 100.

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