International Atomic Energy Agency
Information Circular
(Unofficial electronic edition)
19 October 1995

Original: ENGLISH and FRENCH

Communication of 30 June 1995 Received from France Regarding the Export of Nuclear Material and of Certain Categories of Equipment and Other Material

  1. On 9 October 1995, The Director General received a letter of 30 June 1995 from the Resident Representative of France concerning the export of nuclear material and of certain categories of equipment and other material.

  2. In the light of the wish expressed at the end of the letter, the text of the letter is attached hereto.


"I have the honour to refer to relevant previous communications from the Resident Representative of France to the International Atomic Energy Agency.

In the years since the procedures described in INFCIRC/209 were formulated for the export of certain categories of equipment and material especially designed or prepared for the processing, use or production of special fissionable material, developments in nuclear technology have brought about the need to clarify parts of the Trigger List originally incorporated in Memorandum B of INFCIRC/209. Such clarifications have been covered in INFCIRC/209/Mods. 1, 2, 3 and 4 (consolidated in INFCIRC/209/Rev.1) and in INFCIRC/209/Rev.1/Mod.1 and Mod.2.

My Government now thinks it desirable further to clarify those parts of the Trigger List which refer to nuclear grade graphite. I therefore wish to inform you that the existing section 2.2 of the Annex to INFCIRC/209/Rev.1 (Clarification of Items on the Trigger List) should be replaced by the text set out in the attachment to this letter, including the explanatory Note.

As hitherto, my Government reserves to itself the right to exercise discretion with regard to the interpretation and implementation of the procedures set out in the above mentioned documents and the right to control, if it wishes, the export of relevant items other than those specified in the aforementioned attachment to this letter.

The Government of France, sofar as trade within the European Union is concerned, will implement these procedures in the light of its commitments as a Member State of that Union.

I should be grateful if you would circulate the text of this letter and its attachment to all Member States for their information."



2.2 Nuclear grade graphite

Graphite having a purity level better than 5 parts per million boron equivalent and with a density greater than 1.50 g/cm3 for use in a nuclear reactor as defined in paragraph 1.1 above in quantities exceeding 3 x 104 kg (30 metric tons) for any one recipient country in any period of 12 months.


For the purpose of export control, the Government will determine whether or not the exports of graphite meeting the above specifications are for nuclear reactor use.