Current as of: January 23, 1997


In a ceremony at the State Department today, U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency Director John Holum welcomed the deposit of Oman's instrument of ratification to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) by his Excellency Abdullah bin Muhammad al-Dhahab, Oman's Ambassador to the United States.

Holum said that, "by its act today, Oman lends new strength to the Treaty that is the cornerstone of all our efforts to fight the spread of weapons of mass destruction, to press ahead with disarmament efforts, and to promote peaceful nuclear cooperation."

"We are closing in on a universal NPT," Holum noted. "At the beginning of President Clinton's first term, membership was in the 150s. With Oman there are now 185 members. We are just five short of a universal treaty -- a goal our countries share."

Holum concluded his remarks by offering his congratulations, on behalf of the United States, "to the government and the people of Oman for this historic step to help make the world a safer place."

The United States welcomes Oman into the ever-growing community of NPT nations and looks forward to working with Oman as preparations begin in April 1997 for the next NPT Review Conference, scheduled for the year 2000.