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Title:  "US and South Africa Sign Missile Non-Proliferation Agreement." White House statement regarding a new missile related export/import agreement between the US and South Africa. (941017)

Date:  19941017

US DEPARTMENT OF STATE DISPATCH PUBLISHED BY THE BUREAU OF PUBLIC AFFAIRS VOLUME 5, NUMBER 42, OCTOBER 17, 1994 U.S. and South Africa Sign Missile Non-Proliferation Agreement Statement by Department Spokesman Michael McCurry, Washington, DC, October 4, 1994.

Yesterday representatives of the United States and South Africa signed in Pretoria a bilateral missile-related export/import agreement as well as an accompanying joint statement on steps South Africa will take to terminate its Category I missile program. The bilateral agreement commits South Africa to abide by the export guidelines of the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR). The agreement includes provision for South Africa to temporarily import space-launch vehicles for satellite launches, when it is agreed that such activities will not contribute to missile proliferation. The associated joint statement details South Africa's steps for terminating its space-launch vehicle program.

Signature of these two documents is an important step in the shared commitment of the U.S. and South Africa to halt the spread of weapons of mass destruction and the means to deliver them.