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Title:  Chinese have sold the M-11 short-range missile to Pakistan. DoS News Briefing. (910702)

Date:  19910702


07/02/91 * STATE DEPARTMENT ON CHINA: M-11 MISSILE (Text: State Department posting) (230)


Following is the text of a posting at the State Department Press Office late on July 1, in response to a question taken at the noon briefing earlier that day:

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Q: Have the Chinese sold the M-11 to Pakistan?

A: The Chinese have stated that they supplied a short- range tactical missile to Pakistan. In response to a press query June 27 as to whether this missile was the M-11, the Chinese ambassador said that the missile sold to Pakistan did not exceed MTCR guidelines, and that he believed it was the missile we refer to as the M-11.

We are now trying to verify whether China has sold or transferred a missile to Pakistan with capabilities that exceed MTCR guidelines.

We have made it clear to the Chinese that we consider the M-11 to have capabilities that exceed MTCR guidelines, and that additional legislatively-mandated sanctions would be called for if the M-11 were sold to Pakistan.

The U.S. has already sanctioned Chinese entities under the national defense authorization act for transferring missile-related equipment to Pakistan.

An additional sanction would be called for if it is confirmed that China has sold to Pakistan a missile having capabilities exceeding missile technology control regime guidelines.

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