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June 5, 1998
Eugene Cottilli
Susan Hofer
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Hitachi Data Systems Pays $6,000 to
Settle Charges of Illegal Computer Export

WASHINGTON - The Commerce Department's Bureau of Export Administration (BXA) today imposed a $6,000 civil penalty on Hitachi Data Systems of Santa Clara, Calif. for allegedly violating the Export Administration Regulations when it shipped a mainframe computer and related components to the Republic of South Africa in 1993, F. Amanda DeBusk, assistant secretary for Export Enforcement, announced.

The Department alleged that the value of the shipment exceeded the amount which had been authorized on an individual validated export license issued by BXA. Export licenses for specific transactions are defined by unit or value, and if the commodities exceed that level, items may not be shipped until the exporter obtains either an amendment to the license or a new export license. Hitachi Data Systems voluntarily disclosed the overshipment to BXA. BXA's Office of Export Enforcement San Jose Field Office investigated the case.

The Department of Commerce, through its Bureau of Export Administration administers and enforces export controls for reasons of national security, foreign policy, nonproliferation, and short supply. Criminal penalties, as well as administrative sanctions, can be imposed for violations.