Veterans, military groups endorse CWC

Veterans organizations and military associations representing millions of Americans who have served in this nation’s armed forces have endorsed the Chemical Weapons Convention.

The Veterans of Foreign Wars Commander in Chief James E. Nier said:
“The treaty will reduce world stockpiles of such weapons and will hopefully prevent our troops from being exposed to poison gases.... As combat veterans we support this treaty...”

The Vietnam Veterans of America included in its priorities:
“Ratification of the Chemical Weapons Convention to take a substantive step toward preventing chemical weapons exposure problems for veterans in the future similar to those experienced by Persian Gulf War veterans and the veterans of prior wars.”

The Reserve Officers Association of the United States in a Resolution declared:
“...failure to ratify the CWC will place us among the great outlaw states of the world, including Libya, Iran, and North Korea...
“...United States ratification of the CWC will enable us to play a major role in the development
and implementation of CWC policy, as well convince Russia of the desirability of ratifying...
“...the Reserve Officers Association of the United States, chartered by Congress, urge the Senate to quickly ratify the Chemical Weapons Convention.”

American Ex-Prisoners of War National Commander William E. “Sonny” Mottern said:
“...I wish to express my support for the ratification of the Chemical Weapons Convention. This is an important step in reducing the price that Americans who serve their country on the field of battle must pay in defense of our freedom.
“...America must play a leadership role in international efforts to reduce this price to the extent possible.”

Jewish War Veterans of the U.S.A. National Commander Bob Zweiman said:
“There are meaningful provisions in the CWC which will afford an opportunity to impose economic restrictions and sanctions against those who develop chemical weapons....
“...We are honor bound to protect our Nation and our troops by minimizing the chances from all obvious or hidden means of chemical attack in the future.”

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