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U.S., Russia extend Cooperative Threat Reduction Program

Released: 30 Jun 1999

WASHINGTON (AFPN) -- The United States and the Russian Federation signed a protocol June 15 and 16, extending the Cooperative Threat Reduction Program through June 2006.

Through the CTR program the Department of Defense provides equipment, services and technical support to assist Russia and other newly independent states in preventing proliferation and securing and dismantling weapons of mass destruction. This includes related materials and production facilities inherited from the former Soviet Union.

Current projects under the CTR program include:

-- Accelerating elimination of Russian missiles, bombers, submarines and land-based missile launchers to assist Russia in meeting Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty requirements.

-- Enhancing the safety, security, control and accounting of nuclear warheads in transport and at all of Russia's nuclear weapons storage sites.

-- Ending Russia's production of weapons-grade plutonium.

-- Constructing a facility for the storage of nuclear material for up to 12,500 dismantled nuclear warheads.

-- Assisting Russia to implement the Chemical Weapons Convention by dismantling former chemical weapons production facilities and helping to destroy chemical weapons.

The extension allows Russia to eliminate an additional 349 missile silos, 1,429 land- and submarine-based strategic missiles and to dismantle about 30 strategic ballistic missile submarines with American support.


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