NAVSEA helps arrange for dismantling of Russian submarines NAVY WIRE SERVICE - A WIRE (NWSA) - 31 July 1998 NWSA31jul-4. by NAVSEA Public Affairs WASHINGTON (NWSA) -- Naval Sea Systems Command's Strategic and Attack Submarine Program supported the DOD Cooperative Threat Reduction (CTR) Program during a second visit to the Russian Federation recently to contract for dismantling Russian Ballistic Missile Submarines (SSBNs). They provided technical assistance to the Defense Special Weapons Agency contracting team during negotiations at the Zvezda Far East Factory near Vladivostok and the Nerpa Ship Repair Yard near Murmansk, Russia. Under the CTR agreement on Strategic Offensive Arms Elimination, DOD will provide Russia with equipment, services, training and logistics support to assist in expediting the elimination of strategic offensive arms. The object of this particular support effort is the elimination of submarine launched ballistic missile launchers and the associated ballistic missile submarines in compliance with the START I Treaty. Successful contract negotiations were completed at each facility resulting in contracts to dismantle two SSBNs at each facility. The contract also provides for infrastructure improvements to increase the dismantlement capability of the Russian shipyards. -USN-