Conference Report on FY94

Department of Defense Appropriations Act

House Report 103-339

November 9, 1993


Both the House and the Senate provided $400,000,000, as requested by the budget, for assistance to the states of the former Soviet Union. The conferees agree that, as matters of specific congressional interest, within this amount $60,000,000 shall be reserved for establishing United States-Russian joint venture companies, as proposed by the Senate, and $10,000,000 shall be reserved for technical and linguistic support by the National Academy of Sciences as proposed by the House. In addition, funds are also available for Multilateral Nuclear Safety as proposed by the House and Economic Development as proposed by the Senate. The conferees also agree that funds from this account are available for expenses of FSU students attending the George Marshall Center.

Amendment No. 45: Inserts Senate provision: requiring that $10,000,000 shall be available only for the continuing study, assessment, and identification of nuclear waste disposal by the FSU in the Arctic region; and extending the $400,000,000 in transfer authority provided in the Department of Defense Appropriations Act, 1993, with any such transfers subject to the overall transfer limitation contained in this Act.

Amendment No. 46: Amends Senate provision to incorporate notification of the Congressional foreign affairs committees concerning a prohibition on use of these funds for any country which is currently engaged in the production of a new road mobile or fixed- site land based inter-continental ballistic missile armed with multiple nuclear re-entry vehicles.

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