FY94 Department of Defense Appropriations Act

Public Law 103-139

November 11, 1993


For assistance to the republics of the former Soviet Union, including assistance provided by contract or by grants, for facilitating the elimination and the safe and secure transportation and storage of nuclear, chemical and other weapons; for providing incentives for demilitarization; for establishing programs to prevent the proliferation of weapons, weapons components, and weapons-related technology and expertise; for expansion of military- to-military contacts; for supporting the conversion of military technologies and capabilities into civilian activities; and for retraining military personnel of the former Soviet Union; $400,000,000, to remain available until expended:

Provided, That of the funds appropriated under this heading, $10,000,000 shall be made available only for the continuing study, assessment, and identification of nuclear waste disposal by the former Soviet Union in the Arctic region:

Provided further, That the transfer authority provided in section 9110(a) of the Department of Defense Appropriations Act, 1993, shall continue to be in effect during fiscal year 1994:

Provided further, That any transfer made under the foregoing proviso in this paragraph shall be subject to the limitations and the reporting requirements stipulated in section 8006 of this Act:

Provided further, That the Director of Central Intelligence shall report to the President and the Congressional defense, foreign affairs, and intelligence committees on the current status of intercontinental ballistic missile development and production in states eligible for assistance under this heading:

Provided further, That none of the funds appropriated under this heading may be expended or transferred to an otherwise eligible recipient state if the President concludes, and notifies the Congressional defense, foreign affairs, and intelligence committees in a written report, that the potential recipient is currently engaged in the production of a new road mobile or fixed-site land based intercontinental ballistic missile armed with multiple nuclear re-entry vehicles.

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