Conference Report on the

FY96 Department of Defense Appropriations Act

House Report 104-344

November 15, 1995


The conferees agree to provide $300,000,000 for the Former Soviet Union Threat Reduction program, a reduction of $71,000,000 from the budget request. Funding provided at the subprogram level appears in the following table:

[In millions of dollars]

Program Budget House Senate Conference
Nuclear Arms Reduction 167.5 167.5 167.5 167.5
Defense Enterprise Fund 40 0 0 0
Chemical Weapons Destruction 104 0 104 79
Fissile Material 29 6 29 29
Other 30.5 26.5 24.5 24.5
Total 371 200 325 300

Although no new funds are provided for the Defense Enterprise Fund, the conferees agree that up to $2,000,000 of previously appropriated funds may be expended to administer the continued operation of the Defense Enterprise Fund program currently underway. The conferees have included two general provisions regarding the Former Soviet Union Threat Reduction program involving the limitation on expenditures of funds for the Chemical Weapons Destruction program and a prohibition on providing funds for housing for current or former Soviet military officers.

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